Lorpen innovative technical socks for the outdoors

Innovative Technical Socks

Two things go together to make high-quality Lorpen socks – Composition & Construction. Lorpen excels at both.

Through constant innovation and research focused on new yarns, Lorpen has pioneered the use of “Layered Yarn Technology”. This process has lead to the T3 series of Hiking & Mountaineering, Trail Running and Skiing products featured on this site. T3 or Tri Layer socks significantly improved the performance of outdoor socks, including the performance of highly regarded Merino socks with the introduction of new high-performance fibres like Primaloft.

No one fibre can provide the maximum benefit for all conditions but with Lorpen’s unique layering of three different fibres, they have created socks that excel in the specific conditions that they are designed for.

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Socks designed for the outdoors

Lorpen is a Spanish company based in the Pyrenees who designs and manufactures innovative technical socks for the outdoors, sport and casual use. Lorpen socks are sold in over 60 countries. Sherpa is the distributor of Lorpen Socks in Australia.

Lorpen have qualified for ISO 14001 for environmental management as well as ISO 9001 for quality. From the yarns they use in their socks to the packaging and the inks and paper for their catalogues Lorpen strive to source from sustainable and manageable resources. Post production waste is minimised at all levels.

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