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Gloves are available in fleece, merin and polypropylene. The different fabrics, styles and thicknesses support a wide range of needs for protection against the cold. The fleece gloves come in thre styles – full fingered gloves, fingerless gloves and the convertible mitt or shooters glove. These fleece gloves all have 3M Thinsulate Insulation for additional warmth and a special grip fabric on the palm and finger tips. The merino & polypropylene gloves are ideal as a glove for travellers, urban walkers, watching winter sport, etc. They also serve as inner gloves in more extreme conditions and/or under a waterproof ski glove with you being able to remove the clumsy outer gloves to gain extra dexterity while still keeping your hands & fingers warm. The merino gloves are made from 100% Aussie merino. We also recommend that you look at our iGloves.