Altra Women’s Timp 2 Running Shoes


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The Lone Peak you know and love with some trail-tested upgrades. Along with a simplified lacing system, this new model has been trimmed down for more flexibility and comfort while retaining the original feel and legacy you know and love. Altra have carried over classic features like StoneGuard™ for lightweight rock protection and MaxTrac™ with a multi-directional lug pattern for traction on any terrain. Enjoy the benefits of our FootShape™ toe box and Balanced Cushioning with the fit of Fit4Her™ technology. Overall, they’ve taken the legendary Lone Peak to the next level.



Altra Women’s Timp 2 Running Shoes

The Timp garnered the love of the trail community as soon as it hot the dirt and now Altra have reimagined the Timp to make it even better. With the Timp 2 you get serious, performance-based version of the ultra-cushioned trail cruiser. The new outsole design is designed to improve biomechanics and flexibility, while the tweaked fit and lacing system work together to provide a better, locked-in feel. The grippy MaxTrac™ outsole completes the perfect package for any terrain.

Timp 2 Shoe Features:



Places your heel and forefoot the same distance from the ground to encourage proper, low-impact form throughout your trail run.


Allows your toes to relax and spread out naturally for more comfort and stability in uphill climbs and downhill descents.



The Fit4Her™ technology means we customize every women’s shoe to the unique anatomy of the female foot.



A perfect combination of grip, traction and durability that will eat up gnarly terrain like a boss.


  • Weight: 8.7 oz / 247 g
  • Cushion: High
  • Stack Height: 29 mm

Altra Shoe Technology

FootShape™ Toe Box Transition

Wearing a shoe with a FootShape™ toe box is a whole new experience! It should not feel like a traditional shoe and will likely feel too loose in the forefoot at first. We recommend fitting your shoes with a thumbnail’s width (about 2/3″) between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. This may be more room than you are used to, but giving this room will allow your feet to be more relaxed and powerful. If the fit is correct, the shoes will likely feel “too big” around your toes, while being secure from the ball of your foot back through the heel. Most people get used to this feeling in a few hours to a few days. Proper toe box fitting can help eliminate black toenails, blisters, and foot fatigue.

Embrace The Space

Traditional running shoes feature pointy toe boxes that squeeze the toes out of their natural position –increasing risk of bunions, hammertoes and plantar fasciitis. Altra’s FootShape™ toe box allows the toes to relax and spread out naturally and the big toe to remain in a straight position. This enhances stability and creates a powerful toe-off to maximize running performance. We wish we could call it some scientific breakthrough, but we’re simply giving your foot the working space it needs.

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  • Keeps big toe straight for greater stability and a more powerful toe-off
  • Allows toes to relax and spread out naturally
  • Allows foot to naturally stabilize excess pronation

Zero Drop™

Every Altra running shoe features a fully cushioned Zero Drop™ platform that places the heel and forefoot at the same distance from the ground. This natural balance aligns the feet, back and body posture for less impact. It also strengthens the Achilles and lower calf muscles that have been weakened over a lifetime of running on elevated heels.


  • Heel and forefoot are the same distance from the ground
  • Promotes proper form to reduce initial impact by 3–5 times
  • Natural Achilles loading for better propulsion
  • 1-to-1 ratio naturally aligns feet, back and body posture
  • Encourages better running technique
  • Weight-balanced from front to back

Fully Cushioned

Altra Running is the only running shoe company to provide a complete line of fully cushioned Zero Drop™ running shoes. Our lightweight blend of EVA and A-Bound™ cushioning runs evenly from heel to toe and is weight balanced from front to back to encourage proper low-impact running technique.

Gender Specific

Women’s feet are anatomically different than men’s feet. Women have a narrower heel and midfoot, higher instep, longer arch and unique metatarsal spacing. While this has always been a fact of life, traditional running shoe companies have opted to make male and female shoe models virtually identical for years. Altra is the first shoe company to introduce an entire line of truly female specific shoes. Every last of Altra women’s running shoes has been molded around the unique shape of the female foot. A shoe last is a 360-degree model of a foot used to create the shoe’s heel, instep, arch and toe box dimensions. Female specific design combined with a cushioned Zero Drop™ platform and FootShape™ toe box allows a woman’s foot to remain in a natural, relaxed position throughout her run.

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