Sherpa Full Fingered Fleece Glove


In popular demand for their extreme warmth and superior Thinsulate technology these thick fleece gloves are guaranteed to protect your hands in the outdoors. Part of our fleece glove range, they offer extreme warmth with a soft to touch fleece finish against the skin. Featuring an elastic cuff over the wrist these gloves offer superior insulation efficiency, keeping cool air out. Sherpa full fingered fleece gloves are the perfect ski or snow boarding outer gloves, accompanied with our thin glove liners for enhance warmth and comfort.


Full Fingered Fleece Gloves

As part of our fleece gloves range these thick fleece gloves are top quality winter gloves packed with technical advantages including 3M Thinsulate insulation. The insulation technology used in these gloves is warm yet lightweight and powerful yet thin. The gloves automatically trap natural body heat while allowing moisture to escape, creating superior quick dry, temperature regulation. The extremely fine microfibres in Thinsulate insulation help trap air and block radiant heat loss to provide enhanced warmth. The high warmth to thickness ratio of this insulation enable garment designs with less bulk and improved range of movement. Couple this with our ergonomic design and you’ll feel the soft fleece warmth without any restriction for great outdoor performance. These gloves also feature palm and finger grip fabric for enhanced practicality and support. They offer extreme warmth with a soft to touch fleece finish against the skin and an elastic cuff over the wrist, keeping cool air out. Try with our affordable glove liners for superior warmth outdoors.

Fleece Glove Features

    • 3M Thinsulate Insulation
    • Soft fleece finish
    • Palm and finger grip
    • Elastic wrist cuff

Caring for your Fleece Gloves

Warm machine wash with similar colours. Do not tumble


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