SOL All Weather Fire Starter Cubes


A completely waterproof collection of fire starting supplies. Each SOL All-Weather Fire Cube is a professional grade, all-weather fire starter that easily ignites and stay lit, in any conditions … guaranteed! Once lit each cube will burn for 10-12 mins with a 704° C flame. Additionally, each cube can be cut into 8 pieces with each piece burning for 2-3 minutes. Each cube is individually wrapped, is non-toxic and burn completely clean!

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SOL All Weather Fire Starter Cubes

The essential kindling for survival situations, Survive Outdoors Longer® All-Weather Fire Cubes™ are professional grade, all-weather fire starters that ignite easily and are designed to stay lit even in the worst conditions. Completely waterproof and windproof, each of these fire starter cubes will burn for 10-12 minutes, providing plenty of time to start a fire in the rain or boil a pint of water using a portable stove! Individually wrapped for ease of travel, each cube weighs only 6g., making them a lightweight but lasting addition to your survival gear. Each cube can be cut into eight pieces that burn for 2-3 minutes, giving you enough time to start a small bundle of kindling for your fire. The cubes burn completely smokeless and odorless and are nontoxic, helping to reduce environmental impact, and come with a Survive Outdoors Longer Fire Lite™ sparker and fire starting instructions. To ignite, simply scrape a small pile of shavings on top of the fire cube and aim the sparks from the Survive Outdoors Longer Fire Lite™ sparker at the shavings.


  • Windproof & Waterproof
  • Non-Toxic, Smokeless & Odourless
  • Cubes help reduce environmental impact by burning completely clean
  • 6 x Individually Wrapped Cubes
  • Once lit each cube will burn for 10-12 minutes
  • 704° Celsius –  hot enough to boil 16 oz of water in ten minutes or start a roaring campfire
  • Easy to Carry – includes reusable, waterproof DryFlex storage bag
  • Includes bonus SOL Fire Lite™ sparker and fire starting instructions

Weight  85g
Size  17.7 x 14.0 x 6.4cm


The Brand

Survive Outdoors Longer was created to provide innovative survival solutions with high quality tools coupled with important survival information to save lives. Their tools are designed to be durable, light weight and easy to use, perfect for anyone out in the wilderness. SOL products expect the unexpected and in turn cover all your bases whatever and wherever your next adventure takes you.


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