ThermaTech Hinged Knee Brace


ThermaTech’s hinged knee brace is a technical 100% Neoprene support brace offering ultimate joint stability, warmth and compression for injury prevention and recovery. The two braces in this support coupled with the two durable Velcro straps ensure the tendons, joints and muscles around your knee are stabilised and safe during physical activity. without restricting circulation or natural movements.


ThermaTech Hinged Knee Brace

Featuring covered hinges for medical and lateral support this knee brace offers superior stabilisation and knee support. The open knee area helps relieve pressure over the knee cap while the reinforced patella stabiliser helps prevent knee cap displacement. With a two part adjustable strapping system this knee brace support offers easy application while ensuring a frim comfortable fit. Altogether the hinged knee brace provides uniform compression, superior stabilisation and knee cap support for enhanced recovery and injury prevention. Made from 100% SpeedDri Neoprene this technical support is anti-bacterial, odour resistant and features quick dry technology that wicks moisture away from the skin to the surface of the material where it is evaporated quickly, keeping you dry and comfortable. ThermaTech’s knee brace will relieve pain and inflammation due to strains and stiffness, promote blood circulation and will protect the knee from further injury whilst permitting continued activity.

BEST FOR: Knee strain/sprain, weak knee, ACL support and recovery.

Knee Brace Features

  • Covered hinges for medical and lateral support and stability
  • Open knee area to relieve pressure over the knee cap
  • Reinforced patella stabiliser to prevent knee cap displacement
  • SpeedDri wicking technology
  • Therapeutic warmth and uniform compression to muscles and joints
  • Fitted ergonomic design for added stability without restricting circulation
  • Anti bacterial and odour resistant
  • Quick Dry


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