ThermaTech Mens 6 inch Tights


ThermaTech tights offer ultimate sports compression for improved performance and muscle treatment. Increasing blood-flow and oxygen delivery to the upper leg while reducing blood lactate levels these lyre tights help minimise muscle spasm and pain during endurance events and reduce recovery time.


ThermaTech Men’s 6 inch Tights

ThermaTech 6 inch compression tights offer ultimate comfort while exercising, keeping the working muscles warm and compressed for injury prevention and improved recovery. Designed specifically to enhance performance without restricting natural range of movement these tights provide a snug, gender specific fit with a stretch waist for ultimate comfort. Furthermore the flat seams used in the compilation of these shorts eliminates risk of rubbing or chaffing during a work out.

Advantages of Compression

The benefits for compression are wide ranging and are inclusive of injury prevention and treatment, making them popular amongst the sports community. Studies on the benefits of compression sleeves have shown an increase in oxygen uptake to the working muscles, a reduction in blood lactate levels and improved warm ups. The ThermaTech 6 inch tights offer ultimate thigh compression with graded tightness to ease blood flow and moisture wicking properties to reduce sweat pooling to keep the athlete warm.

BEST FOR: Running, Walking, Outdoors, Hiking, Travel and Sports.


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