Lorpen Women’s T3 Multisport Light Ankle Sock

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Lorpen socks offer world class innovative technology from construction to finish, designed to provide superior temperature and moisture management. With complex mixes of technical fibres and excellent sock features Lorpen have designed this sock for ultimate comfort and performance.

36% Tencel®, 35% Coolmax®, 18% Nylon, 10% Ea. Lycra®, 1% Modal®


Lorpen Women’s T3 Multisport Light Ankle Sock

This T3 Women’s Light ankle Sock features 3 separate layers of fibres that work together for comfort, support, and moisture management. A layer of TENCEL® provides a layer that is soft to the touch and comfortable against the skin. It is a fully biodegradable fibre that is made from trees from sustainable farms. The COOLMAX® layer works to move perspiration away from the body, and through the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly, allowing the wearer to feel cooler and more comfortable. Lastly, a layer of Nylon and Ea. LYCRA® adds durability and ensure these socks stay up in your shoes without slipping down to your toes.

These 3 Layers make the T3 Women’s Light Mini Sock perfect for biking, running, or any active sport. With these socks your feet will stay dry and comfortable all day long.

Womens Multisport Sock Features

  • TENCEL® fibres provide a soft comfortable layer against the skin
  • COOLMAX® fibres wick moisture away from the foot
  • 10% Ea. LYCRA® all throughout the sock means no slipping or bunching up
  • Mesh Instep that minimizes bulk on the top of the foot and promotes heat and moisture release
  • Light cushioning for comfort and support
  • Flat Knit Toe Seam means no irritation on your toes while you run
  • Women’s specific fit (narrower heel and forefoot)


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