Sherpa Spook Balaclava

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Covering all but the eyes and mouth this three hole full faced balaclava provides enhanced head insulation for superior warmth in extreme conditions. Designed for the outdoors this acrylic headwear is easy care, durable and will never let you down. Great for bank robberies & dress up parties as well!

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Spook Balaclava

Sherpa’s full face three hole Balaclava offers extreme warmth and full face protection. Covering all but the eyes and mouth this balaclava provides superior insulation for the head, keeping you warm in extreme conditions. This is of great benefit in icy conditions on alpine treks and skiing environments where you need greater face protection from harsh icy winds and cool air.  Also not a bad idea if robbing a bank.

Made from acrylic material this Spook Balaclava is very easy care and durable. This piece of headwear will not let you down, whether you’re alpine hiking, skiing, snowboarding or searching for the perfect costume for the next Halloween!

Spook Balaclava Features

  • 3 hole ‘bank robber’ style
  • Easy care acrylic

2 reviews for Sherpa Spook Balaclava

  1. Asher

    great for robbing banks

  2. Billy

    Did great to hide my identity when I robbed a bank!

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